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El Cheapo Peice-O Crap-O?
« on: April 18, 2015, 07:34:15 AM »
Like most of us, I subscribe to PMQ, as well as Pizza Today, and I've noticed a recent influx of little pocket ovens I've never heard of. Most of them awkward looking conveyers. I am wondering if anybody has used any of these lesser known companys. Most recently I've noticed the "Ovention Matchbox Oven", and a lot of ads for ovens by "Turbochef".

My other oven question is: I became VERY interested in the idea of a stone conveyor like Picard makes (even though I hate conveyors.... my only experience was with the older model MM PS360...).... but in the videos I seen on youtube.... it not only didn't look like it made anything special, but it actually looked SUPER annoying to use because where you slide the pizza in is SUCH a tiny opening. In fact, in one of the videos, on the guys 3rd attempt with the new oven, he got the pizza stuck in there just cause he got an air pocket that puffed up too big. On the old Middleby we only had that happen when we were making novelty 32" pizzas on the back of two full size sheet pans for the employees. (I made one ONE time to make my boss laugh and after that he'd have me make like one a day for the employees to eat.)
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