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Cherry Street-Austin Texas
« on: March 11, 2013, 06:38:22 PM »
I was told about this place a couple of weeks ago, so I stopped in today when I was driving by.  It is not strictly a pizza joint, but they are using a WFO and using it to make sub 2 minute pizzas.  The bartender claimed Neapolitan, but I think it edges more to Roman.  Either way it was very good.  The crust is not soft, it is thin and crispy and foldable.  They hand pull the mozzarella, and are not shy about applying it.

I had the anchovy, olive and capers.  The anchovies were good, the olives were good and the capers good.  They also threw on some red jalapeno rings, how they knew I would want them I do not know.  They also had Shiner Farmhouse ale which was more points to them.  I will definitely be going back, the prices are very reasonable, especially for a downtown location.

Sorry for the crappy pic, all I had was my phone.