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New user building oven
« on: March 18, 2013, 06:08:01 PM »
I am trying to build an oven around 26" for the interior diameter and a low dome for pizza making.  My goal is to use the best materials in constructing the oven to create high heat quickly using as little fuel as possible, while being able to maintain the heat long enough to do about 10 pizzas.  Any ideas?  I like the design idea Jeff posted and would like to improve on it:

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I've been thinking about this a lot today.  Instead of being negative and just telling you guys this won't work I've got something constructive to add.  Here is a simple design for a luggable oven that would work if you could deal with the space constraints:

1. Start with a water heater drain pan like this one:

2. Use the pan as a base and cast a 4" layer of 6:1 perlcrete.  Maybe even add handles to the pan before casting the insulation layer.

3.  Get a round kiln shelf like this one:

Place the kiln shelf on top of the perlcrete centered.  This is now your ovens hearth.

4.  Form a dome from wire mesh 6" larger in diameter then the kiln shelf.  For the shelf above the dome would be 27" diameter.

5.  Using wire buttons attach 2" ceramic fiber insulating blanket to the inside of the wire dome.  Here are blankets and buttons:

6.  Inside of the ceramic fiber blanket form a 1" layer of dense castable refractory.  Something like KS4-V plus would work and can be obtained from any of these locations:

7.  Cover the outside of the dome with stucco over the wire mesh.

You now have a small lightweight low mass fully insulated pizza oven.  It should hit high temperature fast and easy with the proper balance of heat that bottom heat source ovens lack.  With a low enough dome(maybe in the 8" range) you might be able to get enough top heat with a small enough fire to cook a 12" pizza, but it would be tight.

Here is a crude drawing of the basic idea.


* smalloven.jpg (122.19 kB, 1024x699 - viewed 293 times.)
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