Author Topic: Pizza expo discussion of flour types, oven temps and fermentation temps  (Read 1484 times)

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Thru an interpreter, Antonio Starlita, discussed the use of different flours and oven temps today. Pretty common knowledge I guess, but perhaps not to newbys. It was stated that four with higher gluten content are used at oven temps in the lower range, say 500-500 F. Part of the reason being that most commercial flour in the higher gluten range also have browning agents in them, ie, malted barley. At high temps, say 800-900F, lower gluten flours are used in part because they will brown due to the heat without the need for other agents .

As far as maturation times, it was stated that if one wants to use a dough in  say 10-12 hrs, room temp is fine
As long as the temp in the room is not too hot. If one wants to use the dough for baking in 24-48 hrs, the refrigeration is more commonly used.

The reality seems to be that from experience the pizzaiolo knows how long the dough will take to be at the optimum stage for baking, with either method of maturation. (Tony seems to use the term maturation, as I would fermentation.


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I took some videos of Antonio Starita and Tony G during the demo earlier.  I will post them when I get home.  If you are still going tomorrow, I will be there up to around 4pm so maybe we can meet with John, Larry, etc.


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Call me love to meet. I am here 7:30 am
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Thank you for the comments and any video postings. I wish I had the time available to atend this year, but I could not.

Was there any recipe hand outs? If so, can you post them. Thanks again from all of us that could not attend the Pizza EXPO.