Author Topic: Opening a take away pizza shop in Shanghai  (Read 918 times)

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Opening a take away pizza shop in Shanghai
« on: March 27, 2013, 05:22:08 AM »
Dear all,

I'm seriously planning with my Chinese partner to open a take-away pizza shop in Shanghai. I am currently building up the business plan, and I still have to retrieve many information about this kind of business.

In particular, I would be really grateful if someone could provide some guidance or share some online resources to help me answer these questions:

1)What are the machines needed? From what I could read so far it seems i will need:
-Dough mixer
-Dough divider
-Dough molder
is this all for the main equipment? Will I need fridges to keep the dough cold?

2)In order to acquire the product know-how, could generally be enough to have a couple of young chinese cooks trained for about one month by a top professional pizza maker from Italy?

3) I know that for some ingredients it is necessary to add them after the dough is been baked almost to completion, otherwise they will dry too much or even burn. Is it possible to engineer the process, e.g. by using only some kinds of less delicate toppings, in a way that will allow to cook everything together in one shot? This would be key for the kind of operational model that we have in mind.

Thanks a lot in advance! Any suggestion/advice is more than welcome!