Author Topic: Orange County CA - Low price on Caputo 00 Pizzeria Flour - Contact if interested  (Read 3257 times)

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I recently moved and am not as close to my favorite SoCal Italian Markets as I used to be, so I have been searching for a new source of 00 flour.  I came across a great source for Caputo 00 Pizzeria flour but I have to place a large order to be able to get it, so I need to find a few people that are interested before I place the order.  I can actually get several imported Italian food items at great prices including tomatoes, oils, vinegar, prosciutto, salami, etc.  Send me a message if you're in the Orange County or Southern California area and are interested.
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Yes, I'm interested in buying Caputo flour.  I just checked out what they had in stock at Bristol farms but it was all 2 months past the expiration date.  By the way, what is your use of the flour?