Author Topic: i opened a pizza shop! what can i do to tell people here one time only about it?  (Read 2723 times)

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Hey y'all. I'm a long time pizza geek. I've posted here only occasionally, but been lurking for a while. I just opened a funky new pizza shop called Pizza Tree in my town of Columbia, Missouri. Is it cool for me to put up a post that essentially says, "hey check out my funky new pizza shop even though you don't live anywhere near here, check out my menu at or like us at"? If it's cool, what section do ya think i should post it in? It doesn't really make much sense for me to advertise here, so that's kind of out of the question, but I'd like pizza geeks everywhere to know that i'm here, and drool over my menu and food porn, and i don't wanna cause trouble with y'all at I'd love to become more involved in the whole forum as a known pizza shop owner. I don't have alot of time these days to post but Im smart, and am learning the biz, and write well enough i think, and hope to have more time in the future to do that type of stuff...

Thanks alot!

Johnny G
Pizza Tree
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Hey Johnny welcome!
 John C here from the mobile forums Hope the tree is very giving for you!! Did you   get the outdoor oven for the Patio yet?
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Hiya Johnny G,
Just added ya over on FB.  Looks very cool.


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I like your choice of pepperoni. Still my favorite. Good luck with the shop.
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Here's a crumbshot of our housemade italian sausage pie, made with top notch local pork. This stuff is pizza by the slice that I'm about to throw away at the end of the night. I'm proud of it.

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Did you ever get your clothes back dude?
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Johnny G,

Your pizza looks great!

What message are you trying to send? Who are you trying to reach? Families? College Kids? Your pic looks like a "Mellow Mushroom" vibe which is great. But I know that MM doesn't serve Sicilian Style. negativity, but questions: Who do you want to be? I'm sure that you are doing something that others here can help you with. Good Luck!

John K
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