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King Arthur Special
« on: March 31, 2015, 03:59:38 PM »
Earlier today I stopped at a large foodservice warehouse. They have a small cash & carry area on the side on the warehouse. The C&C has a rack with sacks that have been busted/torn in the warehouse, then taped shut, and sent to the Pantry shelf. Most of the sacks were H&R flour, corn meal, etc. I found one sack of King Arthur "Special". What little I can find says 12.7% (the sack has no protein pct on the label). The warehouse was far enough from home that I decided to take a chance.

Is this a decent flour for bread or pizza crust ? In the past I've used All Trumps and Bouncer.

ETA: 50-lb sack, which I'm probably going to share with someone.
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Re: King Arthur Special
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The King Arthur Special flour is the professional version of the retail King Arthur bread flour, with a protein content of 12.7%. They are the same flour. The All Trumps and Bouncer flours have a protein content of around 14%.