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Critique my dough please
« on: April 18, 2013, 10:56:37 AM »
   Guess I have been at this now for several years. Some of my first pies were far from what I wished. Over the years I kept reading and changing my dough to my current recipe. It is ok but just not quite great.

   I cook in a small electric Garland pizza oven with a floor temp around 650* I have tried my pans, which I now realize are not seasoned thus why everything sticks so bad to them. Currently I am using a piece of parchment paper and placing them in the oven with no pan. After a minute I pull the paper out. I have found this prevents any sticking.

   The recipe I use is as follows and is made in a breadmaker for mixing,

Robin Hood pizza flour with a protein level of 13  486 grams
I heat my water to 100*                                       304 grams
Fleischmans traditional ADY  room temp                    4 grams
virgin olive oil                                                             5 grams
salt                                                                             5 grams
Brown sugar                                                               7 grams

I start by measuring everything into containers. To the yeast I add some of the water and about half the sugar and allow to activate for 10 minutes

First into the mixer is my water followed by salt,remaining sugar and flour. Turn on. Once it is mixed roughly (30-40 seconds) I add the yeast mixture. The oil goes in after it has started to ball.

I allow the bread machine to mix this for 6 minutes. At that point I remove it and knead for a few minutes by hand. Lightly spray with a cooking spray and then put into a plastic covered bowl and placed in to the fridge. I have let it sit up to 48 hours but generally only 24. No noticeable difference between the two.

Cooking day I pull it out in the morning and divide into two balls. lightly flour and let sit covered with a bowl on the counter. It t is never consistent in its texture even though I try to do everything idebtical. Only big difference might be room and counter temp.

I have not been playing around with toppings and keep them at a tomato sauce with mozza and pepporoni.

Any and all sugestions for tweaking this would be greatly appreciated. Should I get a small mixer instead?


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Re: Critique my dough please
« Reply #1 on: April 18, 2013, 12:17:15 PM »
Your dough formula in bakers percent looks like this:
Flour: 100%
Water: 62.5
ADY: 0.82
Oil: 1.028
Salt: 1.028
Sugar: 1.44

For an American style thin crust these percentages look to be pretty normal, so the formula is probably OK, if that's the type of pizza you are targeting.
Heating all of the water to 100F is going to give you a very warm finished dough temperature. Since you are using ADY the water used to hydrate the ADY should be at 100 to 105F, with the remainder of the water some what cooler, to give you a finished dough temperature in the 80 to 85F range. Warmer dough temperatures are OK if you can handle it, but often the dough tends to over ferment and gives a finished crust with varying degrees of flavor both from excessive yeast fermentation and from potentially unwanted bacteria growth (lactobacillus) which can result in a vast array of different flavor development.
For mixing the dough just add the remainder of the water, followed by the salt, sugar and flour, then add the yeast suspension on top of the flour and begin mixing. As soon as the flour is hydrated in the mixing bowl (you don't see any white flour) add the oil and continue mixing in your normal manner. After mixing, divide the dough into pieces, oil and place into individual containers or plastic bags, then place in the fridge for two to three days or more as you desire. Remove the dough pieces from the fridge about 3-hours before you plan to open them up into pizza skins and proceed with making your pizzas. This modified procedure should result in greater uniformity of the dough pieces, resulting in greater uniformity of your pizzas each time you make them. By this procedure you could also make a number of dough balls one day and hold them in the fridge for several days, using them as needed and getting pretty decent uniformity from day to day.
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Re: Critique my dough please
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2013, 03:30:44 PM »
Thanks so much. I am about to try it now for the weekend