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Finally got a Rest Depot card
« on: March 31, 2013, 09:42:41 PM »
I've wanted one of these for years and a relative of mine who just opened a food related business made my day this week by giving me one of her 3 cards. 
Finally - Stanislaus tomatoes whenever I want.  My favorite!  :)

If anyone is in CT and needs the occasional something just send me a PM.  I won't be going there often but knowing what it feels like not to be able to go I am happy to help others in the area out when I can.

Is there a mozz that they carry that is thought highly of?  I have my favorite tomatoes and flour but have never had access to mozz outside of regular retail.  So I'm curious.


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Re: Finally got a Rest Depot card
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2013, 11:01:34 PM »
Different locations sell different things.   Where I live I have three that are all at a similar distance from me (about 45 min).   The closest location to boston (Everett) actually has one of my favorite buffalo mozzarellas, but the providence location and the needham MA locations dont have that product. Calabro cheese is only at this location as well (the ricotta in the metal tin is insane)  No matter what, if you like to make pizza and especially entertain, you are in luck.   

Mozzarella I have had good luck with there......   Poly-O, Sorrento, (both these cheeses are a different formulation than the grocery store version with the same label)  1960, Supremo Italiano, Mozzarelisimo (saputo)......    Beware though, all these cheeses have good and bad weeks, some more than others.    You will love any of these in a home oven.... some perform better than others in higher temp ovens and dryer ovens.   

Mozzarella I have had bad luck with there.....    Supremo Italiano fresh in water (the dry cryovac and the aged are both good but this is really bad). 

You are going to have fun in the cheese section. While some of it is too large, you will find amazing cheese in smaller quantities sometimes.   

All my locations have grass fed beef.   I have also had great luck with the hallal PSMO (beef tenderloins), which are cheaper than the grass fed but usually great cuts of meat.    Lots of good angus beef cuts.   entire cases of incredibly fresh mushrooms for $12 (which I cook down, season and freeze for pizza making), Quarter wheels of the highest grade romano, which I also have luck freezing, $7 cases of basil which I use in my sauce and on pies and with the abundant leftovers make pesto to freeze in ice cube trays. There are so many great things.  The only bad product so far has been their olive oil.  it was rancid... so maybe if not left to spoil its ok?  Im not trying that one again!   

More stuff I have had good luck with......    Frozen pies and cakes for parties (my friends beg for them again) cases of oranges and grapefruits on sale for $13, small packs of sabrett hot dogs, the three packs of baby backs for under $20, bags of frozen fruit for smoothies, hardwood lump charcoal at wholesale prices! Cleaning supplies for my home, Cases of mexican coke in bottles made with SUGAR!  GYRO BREAD!   I make all kinds of sandwiches on that bread and my wife and neighbors always ask for it (nuke for 10 seconds then into a hot skillet w or without butter for a few seconds)   

Good luck and have fun and report back with anything you like!     
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Re: Finally got a Rest Depot card
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2013, 11:09:16 PM »
I use the Fresh  Bellgiosso Mozz. and it usually great! I also use the Buffalo Mozz. ! and the Bari tomatoes ( yes Stanislauas too scott!)  so many great things there but there are a few that are NOT a deal to discourage the everday shopper.
Have FUN!
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