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question on crust texture and bench flour
« on: April 23, 2013, 11:19:13 AM »
I've been baking pizzas in a home WFO for about 4 months, and although my pizzas are looking better each time, the same texture issues continue to pop up.  I've played around with a few different Neopolitan recipes and "Neo-Neopolitan" recipes (adding evoo and sugar).  I've used exclusively "00" flour.  Here are my problems.

- my crust has good flavor, but I think there is still room for it to be...lighter, airier, easier to eat, more tender...etc.  In mixing dough, I've heard to work it less (which I've experimented with), but then I've also heard to work it until it passes the "windowpane test."  I'm just looking for some feedback on the various possibilities that could get me going in the right direction. 

- Sometimes my pizzas are a little "floury."  Not sure if I am using too much bench flour or if it is related to the bench flour I am using.  I use AP flour as my bench flour, should I be using "00?"