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zio pepe turning peels
« on: April 21, 2013, 05:40:49 PM »
A few months back I asked Michael Fairholme from if he could get me a (backup) Zio Pepe turning peel with his next oven/container shipment from Italy. He kindly accepted this request and got a one or two extra.
Unfortunatly this great tool is impossible to find here in the States, so if any of you want one, give him a call.
            -these peels are more expensive than most , about 200+$ ( don't know exactly what he charges but that's what we paid for the one
              we already have)
            - heavier than some (GI meatals, Woodstone titanium, the generic ones from Mugnaini etc)

           - no rivets, unlike GI metals, lilly codroipo etc
           - robust and sturdy, reinforced welds, looong lifespan
           -the Zio Pepe turning peel is fabricated so that the peel disc is the lowest horizontal plane, and moves smoothly on the oven floor.
            there is  no contact at the pole junction. The peel disc is also chamfered along the edge to easily slide under the pizzas. Working with 
            this tool has helped me work quicker and smoother.
         Here's a link to a cheezy youtube promo they've made. Te peel in question is the one shown @ prox min 1:23 ( it's solid,
         not perforated)