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Oddball calzones
« on: April 27, 2013, 01:52:40 PM »
This dough was made with 3% brewer's yeast (nutritonal supplement), and fermented at room temperature for 16 hours.

I intended to ball up the dough after a 16 hour bulk fermentation, but decided to just divide and make calzones.  The timing was about right- I had some roast pork (medium rare) coming out of the oven, so I sliced some up. I used the pork along with some rocket, watercress (rocket in one calzone/ watercress in another), mozzarella, roasted bell peppers, tomato slices and a swig of EVOO to fill the 'zones.

I even made some mini rolled calzones filled with brocolli, paprika rubbed bacon, black pepper, mozzarella & tomato. They were all gobbled up pretty fast.

The dough was flavorful, the fillings were steamy hot and fresh tasting. 
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