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Massimo Bosco Pizzeria Clone
« on: April 28, 2013, 11:24:49 AM »
Hello there, I am interested in making this style of pizza.

These two threads seem to be attempting the same thing,,23668.0.html,24554.0.html

Although one mentions low protein flour and the other makes use of whole wheat. From what I have read of Reinhart, the bran in whole wheat has a way of cutting the gluten? Anyway that is beside the point of recreating this delicious looking pizza. I must say that I am most interested in using this in a cafeteria setting where the ease of production would cut down on the labor of producing multiple individual or slice pies. From the picture below, it appears that Massimo Bosco Pizzeria does sauce their pie, and pre-bake before adding their other toppings. They use what looks like a steel sheet pan with raised edges.  Anyone have a link to purchase those things?

I enjoy the simplicity of flour, water, salt and yeast but I am aware of the flavor benefits of a good olive oil.

The talk of high speed mixing is at the moment anathema to me but I am always open to the possibilities of new mixing methods.

I am also wondering about the fermentation conditions that Massimo Bosco employs. I suppose there are two options, the short room temp ferment or the long cold rise??

I am going to try and produce some of these pies in the coming weeks and will hopefully get some good results.

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Re: Massimo Bosco Pizzeria Clone
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2013, 02:36:12 PM »
Hi Giggliato,

The steel sheet can be found here

You can see Massimo videos on his youtube channel

for teglia alla romana you use only the cold rise in the fridge 24-72 hours.