Author Topic: Ischia vs. Calmaldoli vs. Carl's...feed stock and use differences?  (Read 1605 times)

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First of all, thanks to everyone on these boards (both the 'experienced' and the newbies they've walked thru their trials and struggles), been a tremendous help to this newbie lurker figuring out oven, recipes, starters, where to buy things (various websites I had never heard of; and big props to JConk007 for gorgeous peels and tools), etc.
Still awaiting delivery of FornoBravo Andiamo 70, should come tomorrow so hopefully using in a couple weeks after curing.

Itching to get started on this journey, so been playing around with starters, successfully activating Ischia, Calmaldoli and Carl's 1847 Oregon Trail (an original and reserve of each), storing in 1qt Cambrio.
Fully understanding that much will come down to personal preference and trial and error, would appreciate peoples thoughts and recommendations on the end use and associated feeding ingredients of their starters...or if I am wrong in assuming that different flours will have an impact on the taste and use of different starters.

Initial activation of the Italian's began with a non-Caputo 00 (didn't have Caputo at the time), then KA White Whole Wheat...I think Carl's has been entirely KAAP.
My future use assumption shapes how I currently feed:
Ischia - expect to use in NP dough, feedstock Caputo 00
Calmaldoli - expect use in NY style, feeding All Trumps
Carl's - most likely breads, feeding KAAP

Although Craig is probably right and shouldn't worry about discarding 5c of starter when feeding and activating, the child of Depression era parents has me more like Bill and not wanting to throw away this great stuff I've worked hard and am proud of activating, so have been attempting things like NY dough, English Muffins, bagels and baguettes to familiarize myself in how to use the starters, their tastes and properties. Also have sometimes mixed and matched - a bagel recipe called for 2 cup of starter, so used Calmaldoli w/ All Trumps in hopes of imparting a chewier texture from the hi gluten along with the KAAP in the flour portion of the recipe; baguettes called for 4 cups starter, so did 2 cups each of Ischia and Carl's.

So, are my feeding flour assumptions correct?
Or am I getting to anal and it is immaterial and not a big deal to differentiate, instead should play around with and enjoy the ride and learning curve?     


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Re: Ischia vs. Calmaldoli vs. Carl's...feed stock and use differences?
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I've commented before that the most freeing thing in a sourdough pizza maker's life is the realization that you don't need to add any baker's yeast (ADY, IDY, or CY) - trust your culture. I'd add that the second most freeing thing is the realization that the only thing that really matters* when feeding your starter is that you do whatever you do at least somewhat consistently so you have some measure of predictability.

* other than the obvious - like only feed your starter flour and water.
"We make great pizza, with sourdough when we can, baker's yeast when we must, but always great pizza."  
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Re: Ischia vs. Calmaldoli vs. Carl's...feed stock and use differences?
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I feed my starters (ischia and camaldoli initially, now just using ischia) with just regular, store bought all purpose flour, mainly because I couldn't afford to feed it Caputo: I just payed a little bit over $100 (USD) to get 20 pounds sent to New Zealand.

Over all the years that I've been using starters, feeding them AP flour and then using them to ferment Caputo has never been a problem.

And like Craig says: have a routine that you do all the time.

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Re: Ischia vs. Calmaldoli vs. Carl's...feed stock and use differences?
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Thanks guys