Author Topic: Superpeel users: Do you have to pull out the stone before applying the pie?  (Read 1774 times)

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I note on the video that they pull the stone out of the oven before putting the pie on it.  It occurs to me that without a longish handle, you have to get your hands pretty close to the oven in order to place the superpeel at the back of the pizza stone. 

I don't want to pull the stone out of the oven, even for a second.  You lose TONS of heat every time you open the oven, and pulling out the stone adds LOTS of time during which the oven and stone are losing heat.

Thanks in advance.

 - Fio
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I've never had to remove the stone from the oven. When I use the Superpeel with my brick oven, I have to stick both arms into the oven for a few seconds. Elbow length fireman's gloves are useful, very useful.