Author Topic: Newbies confusion needs help to sort out  (Read 1050 times)

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Newbies confusion needs help to sort out
« on: June 03, 2013, 01:53:05 AM »
I've been enjoying "Tripoli's" style pizza for many years, fifty five to be exact. This style pizza is a very sweet sauce. There is a thread somewhere in this forum about this pizza. It was mentioned that this style pizza is very prevalent in Rhode Island and Northern Pennsylvania. I've tried to duplicate it to no avail. I'm asking a few questions about this and sauce in general. First I will tell you what I know to be true, and will ask a few questions, and let the experts have a go. The reason now that I need to find the secrets is that Tripolis has changed their pizza, and it is a far cry from what it was.   First, I'll start with the sauce. Tripolis used to exclusively use Redpack products. I know because I talked to their sales rep!. BUT, and this is a big one, I have heard they have changed to a different product.  I know that they include a bit of grated carrot, and some brown sugar to their sauce. now, what is confusing me is the base brand of tomato product. I am understanding that a company called Stanislaus has products called Tomato Magic and 7-11. There's another company called REGA using a San Marzano D.O.P tomato and also Escalon 6 to 1. Question is, are these products used together, by themselves, or are any additional tomato product added such as crushed, whole, paste, or diced to these?  I want to replicate the sauce that I am accustomed to, such as Tripolis, or the regional favourites found in R.I or PA. That is the sauce taste I am after. Any help in educating me about the products I mentioned would be a significant step in the right direction, as I am at a loss and totally confused as to the products mentioned, their character, and if they need to be used with other products, and are simply a base for the finished sauce that I want to use.   As far as dough, I'm pretty sure I have it right, as I am using all trumps,high gluten, bromated flour. Dough is rolled out fairly thin, then placed in a well seasoned square bake pan. Once the dough is set in the pan, I add my sauce, drizzle a little olive oil over the sauce, add fresh crushed oregano ( small amount- about 2 oz. ), then par cook. then add Romano cheese, with just a hint of cheddar. thanks for your help in advance