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Re: bubbles in the dough
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Re: bubbles in the dough
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 Hi Saul,
 I am glad to hear you have found the solution to the problem. Although I personally use the ingrediant sequence Peter has suggested. I know plenty of pizza places that add the salt in with the flour, or even right on top of the flour. If you are comfortable with this and it has helped with the dough handeling properties, then i would suggest you continue to use this method.    Chiguy

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Re: bubbles in the dough
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I personally have made doughs with the salt dissolved in water followed by the yeast and then flour.I have also added the salt at the end(also dissolved in some of the water that I held back) after most of the flour had been added with favorable results.I have only used a wood fired oven to cook my pizzas.Either should work for you  Saul,
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Re: bubbles in the dough
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I hope your problem has disappeared.  If so, what was the major difference of possibly minimsing the problem?  The advise offered here was intriguing to say at the least, all with good intentions - no doubt.  I keep coming back to this site to read nitty gritty threads like this as you can learn so much from them.   

You had some top shelf advisor's  :chef: comment on your problem.  All the best.

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Re: bubbles in the dough
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Yeah, I suppose I should have cleared that up!

I mix yeast with the water and then add the flour and mix for a couple of minutes, then I add the salt. Beforehand I had been waiting until the dough was well formed (maybe letting it mix for 5-10 minutes) before adding the salt, this solved the problem. I would like to try (as Pete-zza mentioned) mixing salt & water and then the yeast but we're too busy at the minute to try anything that might mess up a batch of dough (I'm not suggesting the method is incorrect just that I mightn't get it right first time) Also I imagine it would take some time to dissolve 400g salt??

Basically, my bubbles problem is solved, thanks again everyone!! I have another question about rising times with regard to salt and yeast but I'll start another thread on that soon...