Author Topic: American Metalcraft 8000 series tin plated steel or aluminized steel  (Read 1610 times)

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I've been looking at the American Metalcraft 8000 series steel pans here.    and here        (the same pans). They say they're tin plated, but this previous post,11527.msg105536.html#msg105536     says that aluminized steel is used now because tin melts at 450F. I've been trying to figure out if these are actually tin coated, or if the description just says that when it means aluminized steel. I used the customer support chat at and the person on the other end said that the manufacturer said that they used tin, but I'm not confident that she knew what she was talking about or that she actually had time to contact American Metalcraft. I just want to make sure I don't buy some pans that are going to melt the first time I put them in an oven.

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Re: American Metalcraft 8000 series tin plated steel or aluminized steel
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I have four of the 8000 series pans: 6 x 1.5, 9 x 1.5, 12 x 1.5, and 14 x 2. If you are worried about buying these pans because you think they might melt, stop worrying. The first thing I did with my pans was season them in a grill at temperatures that probably reached well over 500 degrees at times. (Here's a blog post about how I seasoned these pans, with pictures.) Also, I recently put the 6" pan in the grill with all the burners on high for quite a while, at 600 or 700 degrees, to unseason the pan after the initial seasoning began to peel off. The pan is fine and has since been re-seasoned.

For all the pans that were available in depths of either 1.5" or 2", I chose 1.5". However, if I felt the need to buy more of these pans, I think I'd probably order them all in 2" depths because 1.5" pans don't really work for stuffed pizza.

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