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My aluminum experiment to replace pizza stone
« on: June 15, 2013, 10:22:30 AM »

Last nigh I tried a new emergency dough method (1 hour rise time) which I will share another post.

Under my MPO instead of a pizza stone, I used 14"x 1/2" aluminum disc on my stove top, the disc was covering about 10% of each my 4 burners.

I set all 4 burners to mid setting (about 19,000 btu total), with MPO vent fully open. Preheated MPO for 30 minutes, top stone temp ranged from 600 to 700 deg F, hotter were it is exposed to direct heat, and lowered where it is not.

I can't adjust emissivity on my IR gun, so I am not sure what was the exact temp of my aluminum disc, based on my IR gun it was in the 500's F.

I baked 3 pies, I used Zatar, which I always have it available in my pantry, and it is easy to prepare, you just mix it with evoo. 1 minute to prepare.

Bake time for all 3 pies were less than 3.5 minutes. The pies were soft, top was browned nicely, bottom small browned spots.

Maybe if the disc had more contact with flames, pies bottom would of been more browned.

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