Author Topic: Anyone have contacts in Molino Caputo - looking to order online from Ireland  (Read 2758 times)

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Hi there,

Does anyone have any contacts directly in Molino Caputo?

I've tried emailing them a number of times directly via their website but they've never responded.

I'm trying to source Caputo flour in Ireland but as of yet I've not found any retailers or distributors here :( sells it but don't deliver it to Ireland.
Forno Bravo UK do sell it and would deliver to Ireland but the delivery price is ridiculous and would only make sense if I was ordering a full palette of the stuff :)

I think it's crazy that someone doesn't sell it online in Europe either from Italy or elsewhere that will deliver to Ireland.

Anyone any ideas?

I'd consider buying from someone here directly if they could ship to Ireland for a reasonable price.


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I to would be interested in this.....



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I think Italicatessen supplies caputo flour.

I'd be interested in sourcing some for commercial use. I will be asking some of the existing neapolitan style pizzeria owners when I get back to Ireland shortly. I will keep you posted.

Davy :chef:
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