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NY Style: High Oil %, Warm Ferment
« on: June 20, 2013, 10:34:00 AM »
I am new to all this. Pete-zza gracefully offer ideas, suggestions, and facts to everyone. A  scientific approach, which it is. I can appreciate that, I am a degreed, licensed Professional Engineer. Thanks all.

Pete-zza suggestions to me were:

The 'secrets' to the perfect tasting NY pie, are pretty well known within this forum.

1. Proper oven setup for fast bakes (this is more important than all other factors combined)

2. Cold fermented 2-3 day old dough

3. Bromated 13% protein flour

4. Proper stretch technique and thickness factor (.075 max)

5. A good tasting tomato in an uncooked sauce

6. Food service mozzarella

I believe Pete-zza said 4 to 6 minute cook time, max, 4 the best.

I have been trying to duplicate some of my favorite NY style pizza's in my area. Per Pete-zza's  guidelines, a cook time of 4 to 6 minutes has been my priority. Therefore I have gotten my oven to nearly 700 F, and with a stone, proper pre heat, I have gotten 6 minutes, with 12" dia, .07 TF. I initially used too much sauce (un cooked, Centos tomatoes, spices)

However, I am trying different approaches on some of the other above factors:

2. Heat fermented, only 2 hours.
3. Non bromated flour, KA Bread flour.
6. Store bought shredded cheese, 2%- I will eventually change this to food service equivalent.

Pete-zza's dough suggestion was TF and stretch. I did .07. I initially used the Lehman calculator and played with percentages, mostly based on many of Pete-zza's posts. But they were bland to me, probably because of the heat ferment. Then a friend used a dough recipe off the internet and I tried it. It was awesome. The difference, it had over 5 % oil, and lots of yeast, but I cut the yeast to Lehman's max. It was great. 67 percent hydration, and other percentages within Lehmann's ranges.

I read a post by Pete-zza that mentions high oil content, aids the structure of the dough, allowing easier stretching. It did.

Seems the large % of oil really made the flavor of the dough. Three times in a row now.

I was wanting to know why this % of oil is way over Lehmann's ranges.

Also, Pete-zza  posts light olive oil. Appears there about three types of olive oil: evoo, being the first press, and no chemicals, that's why is so healthy. The second third presses use pressure and chemicals, thus to me by the third press, it has no olive flavor, therefore, about any cooking oil will do the same.

I am using canola oil, not cold pressed, just regular. I read it has high temperature rating before it smokes. To me smoking would destroy the flavor, so at 700 F, this may be important.

I has worked out, but am thinking of trying corn oil, blended high omega 3 oils, soybean, and light olive oils, to see it changes the taste.

How do all feel about (I am trying to do NY style):

1. Me not using Bromated flour
2. Me not cold fermenting
3. Me using over 5% oil
4. Me using canola oil
5. the type of oil to use.