Author Topic: Pizza Al Taglio.....Any advice to replicate this beauty?  (Read 2925 times)

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Pizza Al Taglio.....Any advice to replicate this beauty?
« on: June 24, 2013, 09:24:56 AM »

I live in Perth, Western Australia and my favourite pizza comes from an italian shop called Delisio in Subiaco. They make an Al Taglio style dough cooked in a tray, in a commercial gas oven. You buy it by the slice, and it's probably the reason I love pizza so much because it's so damn good. Anyway, I want to recreate this pizza, but in a wood fire oven (if thats possible?). Everytime I try to make this beautiful dough, I always end up with a tight crumb, not airey enough, and my base is generally not browned or cooked through - its often soft but just not crunchy. Sometimes there is a very slight doughy taste in the dough also, like it didnt quite cook through :(. Can anyone help me out as to why this might be? I will try to provide as much info as possible....

Firstly, heres the man himself making a pizza;
Secondly, heres 3x photos of a slice I bought the other day (See photo 1, 2 & 3)
Thirdly, I found his recipe in the newspaper one weekend. It goes like this:

High Protein Flour (I used 12.7% protein in the pictures, it was the best I could find in Perth)
76.9% water
1.5% IDY
1.9% salt
1.9% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The instructions were scant, (it was a newspaper article):
This dough is made in a stand mixer with a dough hook because itís really sticky. Mix flour and yeast. Add the water and mix until integrated. Add salt, then oil, and mix again until integrated. Cover and let the dough rest for an hour, mixing every 15 minutes to give it more body. Put in the fridge overnight. Roll the base into balls one hour before using.

In the video, he uses 450g per 900mm square base. I converted this area to match my flat 25cm diameter aluminium trays and came to 245g balls per tray.
So now heres the photo of what I cooked. (See photo 4 &5). As you can see the holes are not as big, not as airey, and theres practically no browning on the base. Im certain that it's to do with my technique, or cooking method....I'm not sure what I did wrong, but does anyone have any comments on the following?

- I mixed the ingredients with a metal spoon (2-3min). I kneaded them in a bread maker with a paddle attachment, (4 times for 5 minutes at 15 minute intervals)
- I balled the dough in individual greased containers prior to refrigerating (not after).
- I stretched each ball over a 25cm aluminium tray, ball and tray liberally dusted in semolina
- I cooked the dough on the tray in a WFO that was approx 500 - 550C. The floor was about 450C. After 1 min I would slide the dough off the tray onto the bricks. After another 2 min it was done, or starting to burn in patches that were too near the flames, but it didnt brown very much - it kind of went from quite pale to burning.

In the video he cooks his for 8min...but if i turn the temp down I wont get much rise in the crust? Having said that, Im not getting colour in the crust either. Im confused about kneading too - I've read that over kneading often creates a tight crumb structure, but have also been told that high gluten flours require a good decent amount of kneading to work the protein together? ??? Anyway, I would love any advice or help anyone has to help me get closer to replicating this dough. I recently found a 13.8% organic AP flour the other day, maybe this might help a little....

Thanks heaps if you can help.

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Re: Pizza Al Taglio.....Any advice to replicate this beauty?
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Re: Pizza Al Taglio.....Any advice to replicate this beauty?
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ooooo thanks! sorry i missed that, there are so many threads on this forum!
ok, ill have a read - thanks again, this site is awesome :D