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NY Style White pizza (pizza bianca)
« on: February 11, 2006, 02:52:27 PM »

I had great success in my attempt to replicate a NY Style White pizza (pizza bianca) and i wanted to share with everyone what I did to achieve this. Hope I posted in the right area?
Unfortunately it smelled to good and i did not take pictures but i promise i will next time

Using Candaves NY Style dough recipe(all trumps flour) I first covered the shell with a lite coat of olive oil and then completely covered with a lite coat of whole milk ricotta cheese(via Pennmac and very good). I covered this with diced fresh garlic, salt and pepper. I then applied globs of ricotta and completely covered with mozzarella cheese, more olive oil and fresh oregano. I then baked on a pizza baking pan for 3 minutes( oven preheated at 550 for an hour) and then transfered to stone till golden brown.
My next venture is NY Style Sicilian pizza.
Good luck and thanks.