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First Pizza Post
« on: July 27, 2013, 11:09:01 PM »
Hello all. I made a few pies tonight with the GB dough formula (hand mixed) following 6 days of cold fermentation. I'm pretty new to pizzamaking, so don't be too harsh. The pies were cooked in an electric oven with top broiler, preheated at 550degF for an hour, on a Hartstone Pizza Stone, with the broiler cycling on and off 2x over ~6.5min. I don't have an IR thermometer, so I have no way of determining the stone temperature at bake time. The flour was KABF, with a sauce made from Centro tomatoes, topped with TJ's Low Moisture Whole Milk Mozz, shredded block Pecorino Romano, and a drizzle of bhut-jolokia infused EVOO.

I was shooting for 14" pies, with 300g dough balls. I opened the balls without a super defined rim, which (obviously) produced a rim that was not very pronounced or puffy in the end. The crust had a fair amount of chew, which I attribute to the longish bake time and inferior stone. Overall, not at all shabby. The folks eating were quite pleased.

I forgot to take any upskirt shots, however, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of color on the bottom of the pies. Nowhere near the char of steel, but, as I said, pleasant.

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Re: First Pizza Post
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I'm impressed. I think the details you out into that are good.