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Trials and Tribulations
« on: August 17, 2013, 02:39:39 AM »
This summer has been pretty bad as far as making time for making pizza...

I finally had a weekend available and decided to do some testing with different flours.
1) 50/50 Mix of Caputo and KA Bread Flour.
2) Caputo "00" Red bag (my usual)
3) Anna (Cento Brand) "00" Pizza Flour

All were made with the following %'s
500gr-100% Flour
290gr- 58%  Room temp dasani Water (Usually do 61% but wanted to try something different)
12.5gr- 2.5% Salt
-1/4 TSP ADY (Went and got a fresh-brand new jar)

I start by adding the yeast to the flour and mixing to distribute, make a well and pour in the salted water. Then, I knead until smooth. I let the dough relax for a bit, then fold to get a smooth exterior.

The different doughs felt a little different when handling, but not too much.


I normally do a 18-19hr bulk rise, then ball for 5-7hrs before I cook them. I set these on my bar and happen to check them 5hrs later and they had risen a little over double. I decided to ball at that point and place them in the fridge to slow things down. When I woke up today, the balls were nearing over-proofing. I pulled the dough about 2hrs before cook time to let them get room temp. My balls will usually level out but these had doubled in size and were still almost round.
I knew they were doomed but decided to give them a try...
I had to use some elbow-grease in getting them stretched, and I noticed the skin would tear, not make holes, but it would tear.
I put them in the oven and when i pulled them out, I noticed that instead of being airy, they were more dense and bread like. This goes for them all. I was too annoyed/pissed, I opted against taking pics.

Right now, I have no idea what the heck happened...highly active yeast? too warm of a room temp?

Either way, I'm getting back on the horse and figuring this out.