Author Topic: Some recent pies…including the ricotta, green sauce and ’nduja experiment  (Read 844 times)

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Playing with ingredients and recipes people have shared here has added so much fun to the experience!

Homemade ricotta cheese was outstanding. Made a version of Craig’s Green Sauce using poblanos from the farmers market plus Hatch chilis we roasted and froze last fall. Made pizzas with straight green sauce drizzled with ‘nduja; also mixed the green sauce with the ricotta, as well as with our pesto, great results, fluffy and melt in your mouth.
Sometimes 5 seconds makes all the difference between burnt crust and just right, but still taste great.

‘Nduja is a recent find, incredible stuff. Bought some made by Mosefund Mangalitsa in NJ where they mix lard (and probably some other rendered parts) from their mangalitsa pigs with dried peppers from Calabria…so many layers of meaty, smoky and spicy flavors.