Author Topic: Freezer ready pizza using commercial premade pizza dough - How to?  (Read 1939 times)

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Hello, I would like to make pizza's with commercial pizza dough,dress them, freeze them and then have my staff pull them and cook them in a short period of time.  Could you please share any techniques that have worked for you?

Thanks, cloggerlk

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Re: Freezer ready pizza using commercial premade pizza dough - How to?
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By "commercial pizza dough" I assume that this is dough that you are making in your store (you referenced staff). I will also assume that you are talking about a bake to rise concept pizza which is a raw dough skin that is topped and frozen to be baked from frozen at a later time/date. I will also assume that you are going to be baking the pizzas in a commercial pizza oven as opposed to a home oven which most T&B pizzas are ultimately baked in.
I would suggest the following:
1) Use fresh mixed dough formulated with 50% more yeast if possible, if not possible disregard and use your normal dough.
2) Scale, and ball as normal, wipe dough balls with oil and set aside to proof until the dough can be opened into pizza skins by your normal manner.
3) Open the dough balls into pizza skins, very lightly brush with oil, sauce and dress. NOTE: Do NOT dress too heavily with vegetable toppings as these will breakdown as a result of slow/static freezing and water out, leading to the development of a beautiful dreaded gum line.
4) Freeze the pizzas unwrapped until solidly frozen (about an hour).
5) Stretch wrap/shrink wrap the pizzas on  a pizza circle with a piece of baker's parchment paper between the circle and the pizza.
6) Immediately place back into the freezer. They should keep for up to 2-weeks.
7) To bake these pizzas you will need to use a lower oven temperature. Depending upon your dough formulation something around 400 to 425 should work.
8) Bake the pizzas (possibly on a screen) until you achieve decent color top and bottom.
9) Adjust your expectations as you will not get the same pizza as you would if you were to bake it fresh (not frozen).
Thinner crust pizzas are better suited for this application than thick/thicker crust pizza types.
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