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Re: Pastene tomatoes
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I'm making pizza tonight, and out of curiousity I picked up a can of Pastene ground, peeled tomatoes to use for my sauce. Truth be told, Pastene was once my go to brand, they were the best of what was available locally, and I thought they were pretty good. Since then I have discovered other brands and have not used Pastene's in several years, so I decided to revisit Pastene tonight. The Pastene is much thinner than the brands I now use, and I didn't think they had as good a taste as they once were. They were a little weak tasting with some sweetness and a hint of a floral flavor to them. I will cook a pie using them tonight, but straight out of the can I'm less than impressed. There are far better option out there in the same price range IMHO.

I purchased a case of Pastene crushed and I notice inconsistencies between cans. Some need nothing, others need some sugar to counter the sourness. When they're good, they're great, otherwise they're nothing special.
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Re: Pastene tomatoes
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here they are
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