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A bit nervous for this venture.
« on: August 15, 2013, 12:17:42 PM »
Hello all, I have been reading about neapolitan pizza for the past 4 years, I even built a wood fired oven last year but sadly, I need to redo a lot of it before it is pizza ready, we had an accident last fall :(

Anywho, I just purchased a grill top pizza oven and trying it out for the first time this weekend on a camping trip, I need to just get a quick run through to make sure my process is going to work.

Last week I bought a 55 lb bag of caputo pizzeria flour, I am not sure if this what is normally used around here as I don't see it in small bags, maybe it is the same as the chef's flour, I don't know.

I made the dough last night, unfortunately, my starter was looking pretty sickly earlier this week and while I got it going again somewhat, it just didn't look up to the task of making all the dough I needed so I went ahead and *gasp* used fresh yeast instead.

Here is the recipe I used...

Flour - 100% - 10.8lbs
Water - 64% - 6.9lbs
Cake Yeast - 0.5% - .85oz
Salt - 2.5% - .27oz

I started with the water (70F), added yeast, then started slowly adding flour until the full amount was incorporated - about 5 minutes later. Then I let the dough relax for about 10 min and kneaded for another 5 min while I added the salt. (final dough temp was 72F) I had never kneaded this much dough before (18lbs) but the mixer never flinched, groaned or anything, I may be able to do even more dough in there but I think I will keep future batches this size or smaller.

After this, I would typically do a bulk ferment for a few minutes but I basically just put it on the counter and started getting ready to make balls, after about 5 min, I went ahead and started weighing and forming the balls, this took about 20 or so.

After this, they went in six hotel pans to rise since my dough boxes won't fit in the camping cooler. I just put them in two stacks of three and put another hotel pan full of ice packs in top. The cooler was about 55 F or so during this time.

This morning, they hadn't risen much, perhaps a little but they were about 45 F or so.

I am pretty cautious about things since I need to use them tomorrow night and I don't want them to overproof or get too much enzyme activity over this time. Should I try to get them cooler than they are now - say 35-40F or so or just leave them be until tomorrow afternoon when I get them out to come up to temp? How long will it take for them to get to the mid 70's when it will be roughly 80F outside that day?

I really want this to pull together well, any advice or tips would be appreciated.