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An Unknown Oven
« on: August 20, 2013, 10:21:34 PM »
Later this week i'll be going to a friends house to cook some pizzas. My main concern is that he has an oven which is very different to mine and I'm unfamiliar with its type.

My oven is an older style gas oven that can be seen here -;topic=24773.0;attach=115918;image

His oven is a more modern electric convection oven like this one - [ Anonymized URL Blocked ]

I has hoping for some advice on the differences I should expect with his oven, and any tips that might allow me to have some success with it.

My current technique with my older gas oven is to have the stone in the middle of the oven pushed as far back as I can so the back section of it is over the flame. After about a 45minute preheat at about 250C, I cook the pizza, having to rotate the pizza to get an even bake. It cooks in about 6 minutes, rotating 3 times.

I'll be able to take my stone with me to use in his oven. Any help would be appreciated.