Author Topic: Storage of Fresh Tomatoes for WFO Pizzas  (Read 603 times)

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Storage of Fresh Tomatoes for WFO Pizzas
« on: August 23, 2013, 12:42:16 PM »
My garden tomatoes are coming in hard and heavy right now. No way my pizza-making can keep up with the onslaught.

I have made some cooked sauce to use on my indoor, pizza stone-based pizzas this fall and winter. Froze it in a Ziploc bag. That's pretty easy.

But freezing fresh, uncooked romas seems like a bad idea, since the tomatoes will likely break down and be watery.

I'm not a canning jar guy. Does anyone have any tips on storing/freezing fresh tomatoes for use in WFO Neapolitan pizzas later in the year?

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Re: Storage of Fresh Tomatoes for WFO Pizzas
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Freezing tomatoes gets you tomato mush, no good for pizza sauce in my opinion, not only this, but it can lead to a huge pain when you actually want to use them after they are sitting in the freezer. The only advice I can give you is to use a simpler waterbath canning recipe instead of the longer pressure method. I waterbath most of my tomato sauce and it tastes great.