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Ciro's Old but Interesting Review
« on: February 22, 2006, 06:11:07 PM »
I've had this in my files for years and had forgotten about it.It raises a few points of interest to makers of Neapolitan style.This guy had a corner NY slice pizzeria on Hudson St in  the Village for a very brief time before I believe he had a dispute with his landlord and left.He seemed like a very nice guy and IMO He made the best Foccacia I had ever tasted ( My favorite combination of Feta,Oven Dried tomatoes,Black Olives and Onions )I went to his restaurant  on Lexington Ave a couple of years later with a group of friends and we each had a very poor Neapolitan style  pizza from his wood fired oven.Truly disappointing,especially as he was manning the oven and the restaurant wasn't particularly busy.I've never been back to see if it was just due to him having a bad day or not?Maybe someone else has?

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