Author Topic: Recipes! Hydration variables based on which flour you choose.  (Read 782 times)

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Recipes! Hydration variables based on which flour you choose.
« on: October 13, 2013, 11:38:23 AM »
Ok, I know most experienced pizza makers know this, so ya'll can stop reading now. Go watch some FOOTBALL, it's Sunday after all ! :-D

For the rest of you pizza bakers who may be new to this stuff  :o , I know there are one or two of you out there, the hydration % that you use to make your dough! is dependent on the flour that you use. Or, more specifically on the protein content of that flour.

As many have mentioned before, here. Different flours absorb water differently. WOW, great revelation! ::)

Well, it is, if you didn't know it before.

Case in point. Yesterday after some reading here, I decided to try the "Caltech 5 dough". This thread found March 20,2007.,4879.0.html

At the same time I also decided to use a new flour for me, KASL. 
Now it is known that King Arthur Sir Lancelot flour is a HIGH glutton flour. Reportedly very good for making pizza skins.

The recipe listed in the post calls for 62.1% hydration, water. Reasonable, I thought!

After  mixing my flour and water, however, I find the dough to be barely coming together, still lots of dry flour on the sides of the bowl, I am using a hand mix method.

So, I add  an additional 7 g of water, making my hydration % now 66%, if my math is correct. The result is a nice cohesive dough, hydrated nicely and ready for kneading. ;D

Bottom line! Recipes are great guides and can be relied on exactly, ONLY if all conditions, including ingredients , are the same as those that were used at the time the recipe was written.

OK, back to football. ^^^


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