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Milk and Honey in Bethany Beach, Delaware
« on: September 11, 2013, 12:54:00 PM »
Sorry for the lack of pictures, camera was charging during my visit.

I first ran across mention of this interesting little place in another review site.  The description of how the owners make their own recipes from "carefully chosen goumert ingerdients" intrigued me, at least compared to other local pizza shops.  Although, be advised and warned that it is a complete misnomer to label Milk & Honey a pizza shop.  It may even be a serious mistake to label it with any kind of generic name.
I was looking for a pizza for Friday night of a four day vacation weekend.  My first trip to the eastern shore of Md in about a decade, although I live just a few hours away.  So naturally I went online to check into the area.  Most of the restaruants in the area fall into the resort dining categories like good little pegs- Mexican, BBQ, seafood, Chinese, Stuff-Your-Family-With-Food-Of-Questionable-Freshness buffets.

Milk & Honey is tucked away into a tiny plaza on Coastal Hwy 1, at the very southern end of Bethany, behind a sign support pillar, inside a plain storefront with minimal signage and curb appeal.  The definition of Not-Easy-To-Find.

Trust me, it's worth finding.

Inside you will find a store area cluttered with interesting things, a small counter with adjacent deli case, and a nice view of a LOT of well-kept old prep equipment - and the owner, Derek and his lady, Maja.

Derek is quite a conversationalist, and is more than happy to discuss his cooking and techniques as they relate to his philosophy of Education Through Food.  His passion for everything he does is very apparent, and could not possibly be more different than a chain restaruant - precisely what I was looking for.  Pizza is just one of many items he makes.  Baked goods like muffins and breads, cheesesteak subs, handcrafted beer, various salads and pastas; a varied menu.

He makes his own dough using All Trumps High Stength, a minimal rise, and hand stretches to 14", resulting in a thin crust with a nicely defined cornicone, good elasticity and digestability.  He tops with whole-milk fresh mozz, then your choice of nice variety of good-quality ingredients.  The sauce is his own, and tasted of robust flavors, with a balanced sweetness.

The oven is a deck oven, pizza baked directly on the stone, the correct way of doing things if you are a traditionalist.  All I can really say is that I was looking for a NY pizza like I remembered from my college days.  Other than the size, which at 14" is definitely too small to really do the style justice, I found it. 

The cheese was melted flat by the heat hammer, and covered with a beautiful oily orange glaze of sublimation.  The crust drooped (yes, even at 14"!) just like a slice should.  It was foldable, with just enough stiffness to the cornicone to resist crumpling.  I easily ate 3 slices, and could have had more.  Usually I have to stop at two.

The single biggest question in my mind after finishing my pizza, and then a homemade triple-chocolate brownie was "Why is this place relatively unknown?"  If it were in my neighborhood, I would be glad to be a regular customer, and work my way towards trying every single thing on the menu.
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Re: Milk and Honey in Bethany Beach, Delaware
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2013, 01:15:34 PM »
Other than the size, which at 14" is definitely too small to really do the style justice

AMEN!!!  ;D