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dough won't fully cook through
« on: September 21, 2013, 04:53:07 PM »
 I'm currently having a big problem with my pizzas. They are coming out too doughy and not fully cooked. I opened my shop about four months ago and everything was perfect, but now my pizzas aren't cooking right and I haven't changed a thing.
The basics of my operation...
Oven is a dalton rotating deck oven run at 560 pizzas cook for 5 min
My dough recipe...
32 1/2 lbs KA special patent flour
9 qts water
2 C soybean oil
3 oz. Sugar by vol
1.5 oz. Active dry yeast by vol
3/4 lb. Salt

I'm afraid if I cook them longer the crust will burn, so my only other option I can think of is using a lower temp. What is troubling me is that I haven't changed anything, but in the past week I've had this problem out of nowhere and I really need to know why. We just got our first bad review on yelp, and we keep attracting new customers and we are forced to give them sub par pizzas and potentially lose their business forever. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: dough won't fully cook through
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2013, 05:45:27 PM »
Did you recently get a new shipment of flour? How are you storing your yeast?  Is the dough any tackier than normal?  Is it rising as much as it was? Have you changed your proofing containers?

Are you monitoring your temperatures closely?  Is the post knead dough ball temp always the same? Is the pre-bake dough ball temp the same? Are you refrigerating the dough? If you are refrigerating, how many hours are you letting the dough balls sit at room temp prior to baking?

Are you taking deck readings of your oven with an IR thermometer?

How much do your dough balls weigh? Are you weighing them carefully?

Are you selling more pizza than normal?  If so, the oven might not be able to keep up.

From the photo on your facebook page, it looks like you're making a very thick pizza.  A pizza that thick with a 5 minute bake, imo, is asking for trouble. My best guess is that you were skirting undercooked dough with your thickness factor and bake time, and one of these aspects changed slightly and put you into the undercooked territory. I think that oven is geared more for slower baked American pizza.  I would look at your formula and maybe take it more in an American direction.

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Re: dough won't fully cook through
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2013, 07:24:04 PM »
Flour is the same.
I store my yeast in a tupperware container in the walk in fridge.
I dont monitor my temps very closely, only the water before mixing. Ive never taken a temp of my dough at any stage after mixing.
My dough is taken out directly from refrigeration, docked, tossed, topped and baked with no time to come up to temp, this worked well at a place I worked at for years, so I assumed it would work here.
My dough is portioned, rolled out and put into refrigeration immediately with no bulk ferment. We make the dough around 7-8 pm and start using it by noon the following day.
I do 3 sizes, 12", 14", 16" that weigh 1lb 1.75lbs and 2 lbs. Weighed carefully.
I dont have an ir thermometer, so I can only trust the 27 year old thermometer on the oven itself.
This is my first time as an owner/operator so these are the types of things I've never known to worry about or consider. Its really tough realizing that even after 10 years as a pizza cook, I still know so little.
I tried making a new batch with fresh yeast, I now remember that the case of yeast I got our bag from had quite a few bags that the seals had been broken and were no longer vacuum packed so my yeast may have been the problem. The problem batches werent rising properly and never got the water very foamy, so I really hope that was the problem. If not I will try to come up with a new dough formula like you stated. Thank you for the reply, I really appreciate it.

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Re: dough won't fully cook through
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2013, 07:57:43 AM »
As I've said so many time, temperature control is the key to effective dough management. This is extremelt important, especially in a store setting where pizza quality can make or break your business. Be sure you are correctly hydrating the ADY in a small portion of 100 to 105F water for about 10-minutes. The dough temperature should be 80 to 85F after mixing. If you are using large dough boxes, be sure to cross stack them after you put then for the first 2-hours after you put them into the cooler, then cover or nest the boxes to prevent drying and the dough will be ready to use in about 18-hours. To use the dough (this is CRITICAL for what you are doing) bring the dough balls out of the cooler and allow them to temper AT room temperature for 2.5 to 3-hours, then begin opening the dough balls into pizza skins for immediate use. Once you begin using the dough it will remain good to use for the next three hours, just remember to keep those dough boxes covered.
Let me know if you see any improvement from this.
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