Author Topic: organic products use in chi-town deep dish  (Read 1026 times)

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organic products use in chi-town deep dish
« on: September 12, 2013, 02:19:42 PM »
Hi, my name is Josh and I'm new to the forum!

My wife and I moved out to LA in 08 for the music industry and sad to say it's lost it's cash flow. Long story short, we've been throwing around the idea of starting a deep dish pizza restaurant in LA and were wondering if anyone here uses organic products in their pizza recipes? We still eat non-organic foods but I try as much as possible to feed my family fresh organic foods and this is definitely easier to do out in LA and it's something I want to help the community do as well. So, I've found a few great products and if anyone else has found any good ones I'd definitely love the input especially for cheese! I know that I can't go all organic or the pizza would be extremely expensive, so there's a little give and take here and there.

What I've found:
  • Flour - king arthur artisan select flour great stuff, a bit pricey though. Anyone else have organic flours they like?

  • Sauce - I recently have been using Centro Organic San Marzano crushed and peeled together for my sauce, these canned versions actually amaze me and while I do like the 6-in-1 brand, I think this brand's texture is better, color is brighter and it just tastes better to me.

What I'm looking for:
  • Cheese - I probably won't be able to do cheese organic, that'll also be extremely expensive, but does anyone know of a cheese that's at least hormone free? I've found quite a few great cheeses but they're all full of hormones :(

  • Olive Oil - I am looking for a good olive oil that's organic, but am willing to settle for a oil with a good flavor that isn't.

any help would definitely be appreciated!