Author Topic: Le Panyol Wood Fire Oven - FOR SALE  (Read 9308 times)

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Le Panyol Wood Fire Oven - FOR SALE
« on: September 27, 2013, 07:20:38 PM »
My Le Panyol Wood Fire Oven Model 83 is looking for a good home.

I purchased the Copper Turnkey Oven last Oct 2012, used for a month in the fall and spring this year (less than 20x). The only reason I am selling this oven is to purchase a similar oven with wheels (mobile), in order to be at the Farmer's Market in the spring!

Oven dimensions: Inner diameter 32 5/8 " ( 83 cm), Cooking area 5,8 sq/ft (0,545 m2), Thickness 4 1/8 " (10,5 cm), Opening 16 7/8" x 85/8" (43 x 22 cm). Space required 52" x 52" ( 1,35 x 1,35m).  Check out for more details. 

The oven is made of "terre blanche" -white clay from the south of France. The cover is copper, custom made in Norridgewock, ME, by a copper artist. Primarily a bread oven, I have also used the oven for pizzas, roasting meats and veggies. Everything tastes wonderful cooked in a wood fire oven! If you love to bake breads, cook gourmet, and love to entertain outdoors....this oven is a great addition to your gourmet kitchen.

This turnkey model lives outside (in the backyard). The copper oven comes with a stand - will need a strong foundation to support the weight (total weight of 2,650 lbs). Includes a stainless steel chimney, insulated steel door, rake, brush, peel and thermometer gun - which were all included in the original purchase.

When I purchased the oven, it came without an instruction manual. I will be happy to share oven management techniques, offer artisan bread lessons (sourdough, focaccia, bagels, etc.), as well as Neapolitan and Roman pizzas.

Asking $14,000 FIRM. I paid $16,400 plus $1200. for crating/handling and shipping.  It would be extra savings especially for those who live close to (Charlottesville)  Central Virginia for pick up.  According to Maine Wood Heat, the oven will need to be crated, and can be placed in a UHaul or flatbed for transport to your backyard.  Far cheaper than $1200.!

Serious inquiries only please.  Feel free to message me with questions.


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Re: Le Panyol Wood Fire Oven - FOR SALE
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2015, 10:15:20 AM »
Were you able to sell your oven? I know it was some time ago you listed it.

Love the look of it.


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Re: Le Panyol Wood Fire Oven - FOR SALE
« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2015, 11:03:41 PM »
Shes roughing it in Hawaii right now but pretty sure she still has it
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