Author Topic: Well water vs. City vs. Bottled vs. RO  (Read 905 times)

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Well water vs. City vs. Bottled vs. RO
« on: October 01, 2013, 12:18:53 AM »
Yes I know that's a lot. I recently moved the family to the county ;D and we have a private well.

The issue is getting dough right. Wife made my stuff dough after we moved in and struggled. It was ok but not great. This dough is by feel no real measuring.
 I tried Garvey's,17662.0.html That I have made dozens of times and love , after 3 try's gave up.  >:(
 Another cooking forum I'm active on suggested using bottled water for now. So I used bottled water on Garveys mix and it worked out ok but not great IMHO.

The well test came back today and it looks pretty darn good to me. The TDS looks a little high for me, Old Reef tank guy.
 I guess I had my softener too high. had it at 15 turned it down today to 3. .

I have a 100gpd 5 stage RO unit That I will be installing once I can find it since the kids hate the taste of the water :-\ No smell, No odd taste ??? ???
below is the test result
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