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Pizzeria Posto - Somerville, MA - Visited 9/28/2013
« on: September 30, 2013, 09:41:28 AM »
Was up in Boston for the night after fishing in the harbor for the day.  Had a 9pm reservation at Posto with a large group, 7 of us, so I got to try a number of their pies. 

Calamari appetizer was very good.  Ordered a Manhattan to start and then had a bottle of "Regaleali Rosso" with dinner.  The Manhattan was made well. 

My first impression of the pies as they arrived was that they looked a bit dark, like the oven might not have been up to the right heat.  The pies were generally brown with some light charring thrown in, but not leoparded, rather just a spectrum from brown to near black.  Two of the pies ordered came out a few minutes later and looked better cooked, not as dark, with true leoparding on the cornicione and crust.   Tasting the pizzas seemed to confirm my guess, the crust was overly chewy on most of the pies I tried, with the lighter pies (the ones that had come out later) being a bit more tender.   The crust was chewy enough that my jaw was fatigued from chewing it.

The margherita had too much cheese on it, looked like a New York style pie, with complete cover of the pie and totally molten, and along with two other pies had too much flour on the bottom.  No charring on the cheese.  The marinara pie was too garlicky, masking the flavor of the sauce.  The Zucca pie was well-balanced though not all the brussels sprouts were fully cooked.  The porchetta pie was the best pie I tried, though it suffered from the same crust problems mentioned above. 

One final thing I'll mention, that struck me as odd, was that we had a couple slices left over and packed to go and when I opened the box there were two pieces of crust included.
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Re: Pizzeria Posto - Somerville, MA - Visited 9/28/2013
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We've been a few times.  It's wildly inconsistent.

When they first opened, they were trying much harder, and had a much better wine list.

I think they are totally worth a visit, but it's hard to say you'll get a great Neapolitan pie.  I think they could refine down to higher end ingredients.  But they are in business to sell pies, and honestly in MA, people are less willing to spend on the perfect Neapolitan pie, which many of them would not consider "real pizza".  It's a tough business.