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I like cooking in the lloyds deep pans. I like because it is easy to form nice round pizzas even for very inexperienced . I like because the nonstick works so very well.  I also donít like the mess or taste of pizzas launched with flour or cornmeal. The last reason is I make pizzas from 55% to 80% hydration. When hydration goes above 65% it is necessary to use so much flour to dry out the surface to direct launch that it completely changes the product.

The problems with using any pan is the increase cooking time and the oven spring that the longer cook time causes. What should be dough for a thin crust springs and ends up not being thin.

I have been adjusting the IDY to very low levels and using long cold ferments 4,5 or 6 days. I have been using the visual gauge of when the dough doubles in size. then cook. this does reduce the spring in the pans and flavor is good.

What happened.  I mixed the recipe below. after 3 days in the cooler there was no sign of yeast activity. I took the 2 dough ball out of the refrigerator. and set out in a 80 deg kitchen. I expected to leave out until I seen growth but I went to the beach and forgot to return to the refrigerator. 22 hours later when I return they had tripled in size. I thought most likely no good but the aroma from the dough was great and reminded me of the years of bread making. I punch down a little to get the lid on the container and returned to the cooler.

One skin was cook about 6 hours later and the other about 36 hours later. Both were very relaxed dough and very easy to from a shin.  Both were the best crust flavor I have made.  I have repeated the same procedure again. same good results but I did leave out about 18 hours on the next batch because it visually look to be at the same place.

When the pizza was cook in the pan it remain a thin crust that was tender with a nice texture.

Recipe and procedure.

100%  18 oz flour one batch with KAAP and the other with my Panamanian flour
58%    10.4 oz water
4.5%  Adobo seasoning ( salt sugar garlic and pepper and ?)
1/4  to 1/3 tsp of IDY less than a gram but I can not measure.
Hand mixed to bring together than 10 minute rest
about 3 minutes in the Kitchen Aid on speed 2 then 4
formed 2 about 14.5 oz balls. they handle very nice put in plastic containers direct to the  refrigerator

Bake in deep dish pan 10 minutes at 550 with a lid on than 2 minutes direct on the deck no pan
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Re: Accidental fermentation that resulted in the best crust to date.
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What you learn by accident is as good as what you learn on purpose. I saw this myself with the pizza I described in Reply 48 at http://www.pizzamaking.com/forum/index.php/topic,6758.msg64308.html#msg64308 . Like your pizza, mine turned out very well also.