Author Topic: "Feeding" the Dough before Refrigeration  (Read 1820 times)

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"Feeding" the Dough before Refrigeration
« on: March 10, 2006, 02:18:48 PM »
Whenever I do out for a good Neopolitan pizza, I try and observe and learn a bit more. Yesterday I spoke with the Pizza Maker of a local shop that makes extremely good neopolitan pizza. Although I feel a bit awkward about pressing for too much info, I did learn that he uses a bulk fermentation for a number of hours, knocks the dough down and then does a two day refrigerator rise before balling the dough and letting it sit out for use that day. I have no further info on exactly how much time the initial fermentation takes. (The process did remind me a little of what I have read on this site regarding the dough process at A16).

However, the most interesting thing he said is that before putting the dough in the fridge, he "feeds it a little".  I have never heard of this before, and have no idea what he might be talking about. Again, being a bit sheepish to begin with, I did not make further inquiry. Could it be that he sprinkles into the dough a little sugar, or maybe a little more flour, to sustain it for the two-day rise in the refrigerator?

I will try and learn more next trip, but wonder if anyone is familiar with this technique.