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Thin and Crispy Trivia
« on: March 11, 2006, 05:21:05 PM »
 Just a piece of trivia for you all.
I was looking over the sholder of a mate saturday morning as he studied that days racing guide (he owns a Tobacco Shop and LOVES his horse racing).
There was a big race meeting in Melbourne and I noticed a horse called "Thin and Crispy". Not knowing much about the GeeGees I asked, "Whats this one like ?......."Not bad" he says,"Worth a place maybe".
Having FINALLY made a rather splendid "Cracker Style" pizza the night before I thought this had to be an off I went and put on A$50 for a place.
Watched the race on TV and with 100 yards to go, I said to myself "Just wasted a whole lot of pizza ingredients". But then Thin and Crispy came screeeeeaming down the rails to snatch 3rd on the line.
YEEEEEE HAAAAAAA.......the little beauty paid A$3.70 for the place.
Might follow this one for a while.