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Mama D's Manhattan Beach CA
« on: November 19, 2013, 08:55:06 AM »
This tiny place near the Manhattan Beach pier served up a very nice meal for me and my wife last night.

My wife had a seafood fettucini that had a great blended sauce with tang and richness.  The shrimp were tender and flavorful.

I had the chicken marsala.  Light marsala flavor. Not trying to overpower the mild flavor of the chicken.   Veggie medley side was fresh and not overcooked.  My fettucini side pasta was fresh and very good in the marsala sauce. 

We decided we would go back again.

They had pizza on the menu, but I gave it a rest.  We've been having a lot of pizza at home lately.     Besides, the yelp reviews weren't focused on pizza and they don't emphasize it above their other dishes.  However, I did sneak a peek into the kitchen. The had a double deck oven.  So no Neapolitan pizza anyway.
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