Author Topic: WFO design differences between ovens for New York and Neopolitan style pizza  (Read 974 times)

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Simple question: What are the differences in oven design between a WFO for Neopolitan pizza compared to a WFO that is going to be used for New York style pizza (which is the style that I make and enjoy).  I understand the difference in cooking temps between the two, are those differences driven mainly by the firing temps for each or is there a difference in the design that matter?  Thanks in advance.

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You can cook any style in any WFO, you just have to let it get to or drop back to the temps you want.  I generally cook a few Neapolitan style while waiting for it to drop down to NY temps, which is what I also prefer.

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At lower temps, it not only takes longer, but it's also easier to manage more pies, so you might want to make an oven for NY larger.
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For a home oven all you need is a door wide enough for a New York pizza.  Holding a commercial oven at New York temps all day is a but trickier.