Author Topic: Grano arso... Sardinian style flatbread/cracker crust  (Read 1444 times)

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Grano arso... Sardinian style flatbread/cracker crust
« on: December 28, 2013, 02:46:24 PM »
Hi all,

Has anyone experimented with grano arso in cracker style crusts?  "Burnt grain" is literally flour toasted/cooked in the oven to a medium brown.  The last restaurant I worked at here in Brooklyn made a very good one, but I am wondering how the likes of all the awesome amateur/expert officianados here will improve it, or explain how they have used it.  I know adding cooked flour will change so many properties of the dough and baked crust, but I love the flavor and have yet to work with it at home.  (It also is wonderful in handmade pastas)

Thoughts, experience, advice please??

Thanks  :)