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Hotsawce/Lou... Destined For Greatness
« on: December 31, 2013, 07:21:38 PM »
We have yet another long time member hitting the big time- in a very big way!

In the comments, Adam writes:

@Nebagakid: Don't worry. From what I've seen, LA is in the works. You are a longtime Slice'r, I know, so you may recognize the screen name "Lou T" (who was the one who inspired My Pie Monday, FWIW). He's going to be the guy behind the LA PG's.

Lou = hotsawce

I know that 'hotsawce'  has never mentioned his real name here, so I hope he's not mad at me for spilling the beans, but, let's face it, if you're going to open up what will most likely become THE next hottest pizzeria in LA, any hope for anonymity goes out the window :)

I'm ecstatic about every new PG opening, but considering what's presently available in LA, with Lou at the helm, this could be massive!  I just hope he remembers us little people when George Clooney starts eating there regularly  ;D