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Williamsburg Pizza, Union Ave, Brooklyn
« on: January 02, 2014, 11:35:58 PM »

I know there are several folks talking about this NY style slice spot as the current best in NYC.  I live in BK and went this week to check it out, it's near a couple of bars I frequent so it was easy to add it to a planned trip to the neighborhood.

I didn't take pictures because I knew it would piss of my dining companion... one not so obsessed with perfect pizza, but an excellent judge of all things edible.
And, we were hungry.

Williamsburg Pizza is spectacular.  Small, clean, efficient, great music over the house speakers, it's a classic slice joint that so clearly pays attention to the fine details of NY style pizza and cranks out the best slice I've had in a long time.  My dining companion said that flat out it was the perfect example of what he grew up with here and in NJ, and better than any he has had maybe ever.

The crust on the plain slice was perfectly thin and crispy, and after taking a nibble off the point was foldable, cornicone was perfect... Not more than about an inch wide and less than that tall, great crumb, crispy exterior and chewy interior with all the browning/leoparding on point (undercarriage and top).  Cheese and sauce were just right in proportion and flavor, and had that slight browning of bits of the cheese.  Prices are right on par with any other slice joint that ain't a 99 cent type joke of a pizza shop.  Plain pie is $15.  FOR PERFECTION.  I wish I lived close enough to pick up pies every week.

The grandma slice was so totally wonderful, and I didn't expect that part.  I don't now what the traditional thickness of grandma style is, as I have been used to something thinner and sometimes almost crackery from other places.  I only know that the Calabrese grandma slice was freaking excellent.  Half an inch thick, quite airy but super crispy on bottom and edges, perfect amount of sauce, excellent sopressatta, add the cheese and olives for such great texture combo.  The depth of flavor of both crust styles was really great. Just quality ingredients everywhere, and a clear philosophy of excellence in pizza and work ethic (service was great).

I spent only 25 minutes there, also had the Bianco slice (this one had a slightly overdone crust that seemed strictly an oven management issue and, for my taste, too much ricotta but it was really sweet and a nice counterpoint to the other saltier cheeses - all 3 other slices were dressed pretty perfectly.)

I was so impressed with this place because I love to go to small shops with a perfect product that is available quickly, and I'm not often in the mood to sit in a restaurant for a whole meal just to get excellent pizza.  There are a lot of options for the pizza restaurant in NYC, not that we couldn't use more, but there are so few slice joints doing anything of is caliber, and as a New Yorker who transplanted here over 15 years ago, I want the likes of Williamsburg Pizza in every single neighborhood so I never have to be more than a 15 minute walk away!!



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Re: Williamsburg Pizza, Union Ave, Brooklyn
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2014, 12:19:27 AM »
Nice write up, Jodi.

I think that there's a small handful of obsessives that know what this place is about, but it's only a matter of time before it starts getting more press.  Once it opens in Manhattan and all the tourists start hitting it, it's going to explode. I predict Williamsburg will make it on a major top 25 list (whatever those are worth) within a year.

Believe it or not, but 15 years ago is right about when the pizza in this area started going South.  25 years ago, you'd find a Williamsburg quality pie in just about every neighborhood.  25 years ago, Joe's was actually a bit better (Joe's used to be mind blowing).