Author Topic: Which flour do you use (in the german speaking countries)? How much proteins?  (Read 798 times)

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Hi guys,

in one of the threads I realized that there are some people from Germany here. Maybe also from some other german speaking countries.
In most of the threads following flour is mentioned: King Arthur Sir Lancelot high-gluten flour
What do you use instead?

How much protein does King Arthur Sir Lancelot high-gluten flour has?

Is it possible to use a flour with following amount of proteins?
10,8g; 11,6g; 11,8g; 12,1g; 14,3g proteins per 100gram flour
Which would be the best and is it better to have more protein in the flour or less?

Kind regards
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Hi Markus,

in Germany i would use flour Type 550 which has around 11-12 % protein, as far as i know the flour in Germany or Europe has less proteins because its a different grain of wheat than in north america.
This information was given to me from a miller, who has his own mill.
I buy my flour at adlermühle, its i mill located in germany and they guarantee that the flour you buy from them is not older than 1-2 weeks since it was milled.
King Arthur Sir Lancelot high-gluten flour has around 14 % protein (check their homepage for more information).
You could also add "Weizenkleber" to your flour to manually increase the protein in your flour.

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Which type of pizza are you trying to make?