Author Topic: Steel in Gas BBQ with Rotisserie -experience anyone? with size, thickness, etc?  (Read 743 times)

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Newbie here. I am highly experienced in BBQ and pretty good at Smoking Meats. I have successfully made Pizza in my gas BBQ using Granite but cracking has made me want to move away from that, steel makes the best sense, I believe. I have read a lot but can't find much on using Steel in a BBQ environment. In tracking down experts that may know, I came across this website!

Q1)Need some assistance on deciding on thickness of steel for BBQ?.  Pretty sure I want 1/2 inch but want to verify. I usually make a minimum of 4 pies up to about 8. Additionally I am thinking 16x16 piece should be big enough or too big?? I just want to do one pie at a time, all I can manage given I end up doing everything from A-Z and people only help out right around step Z....while I go right back to A for the next pie production...Last pie is always my pie however slices are for sale though! (I make no qualms about emphatically pointing out to my guests that if they would like to ensure being invited back to the next pizza party they may want to consider buying a slice) This is my strategy to offset pizza making costs. I should start charging for drinking my beer... (Rant over...)

Q2) I want to source steel locally, want to confirm that this is exactly what I should ask for:  "A36 HOT ROLLED steel, mill scale removed to white metal using  blasting with sand, steel shot, or bead"

Q3) Also any considerations I may not be thinking about or tweaks, etc?

Q4)An after thought, I would like to have this steel double as a griddle but have concerns around no lip, not sure if anyone has requested a 3 inch lip or something attached to their steel on 3 of the edges???

My Environment
36inch DCS Natural Gas BBQ with three 30k BTU burners capable of reaching bbq temps of 700F+
Rotisserie flame about 5 inch from deck of grilling surface, on back/inside of grill, BTU output of flame is approx 20-25k BTU
Q5) Smoker Box with dedicated flame -  not sure if anyone has played around with using smoke while baking pizza? I have but more with ingredients.
Actual Grill cooking surface is 32 wide x 18 deep

thanks so much, look forward to participating on this site!